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Our experienced healthcare staffing team at DT Medical Staffing helps hiring managers find top talent and save time during the recruitment process. As an accredited healthcare staffing agency, we assist in finding talent that contributes to patient care in every way. In addition to positions in doctors’ offices and patient rooms, we also fill roles on administrative teams and in information technology (IT) departments.

DT Medical will create the job description, tap into our extensive database of qualified professionals, and vet the best candidates for the job. Plus, you don’t pay until you make a hire.  




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At DT Medical Staffing we provide temporary or permanent staffing solutions to healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and private practices. We have a pool of qualified medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, therapists, and other allied healthcare personnel, who are available to work on a temporary or permanent basis. We help facilities fill staffing gaps, maintain productivity, and ensure quality patient care. Our services may also offer training, continuing education, and credentialing for their employees to ensure that they are competent and up-to-date with their skills and knowledge.

DT Medical Staffing provides a white glove service. We thoroughly screen our highly
qualified medical professionals ensures longevity, and a low turnover rate.

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